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Brisbane Hot Water System Repairs and Replacement

Say goodbye to chilly showers and water woes with our lightning-fast repairs and hot water system replacement services. Don’t suffer from unreliable water temperature or pressure any longer – trust Brisbane Pluming and Gas to restore the warmth and comfort you deserve!

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Our hot water system repair and replacement services include:

Electric Hot Water

Has your electric hot water system gone cold on you? Fear not – our expert team is here to get your hot water flowing like a dream! Whether it's a sneaky heating element misbehaving or a mischievous thermostat acting up, we've got the magic touch to fix it all!

Gas Hot Water

Don't let a malfunctioning gas hot water system dampen your spirits – we're here to bring the heat back into your life! Our qualified gas plumbers will swiftly diagnose and fix whether it's a faulty gas valve, a malfunctioning pilot light, or any other gas-related issue.

Solar Hot Water

Let the sun shine down on your solar hot water system once again! If you're suffering from cold or lukewarm showers, you’ll want it fixed quicksmart. From solar panels and circulating pumps to any other tricky component, we’ll diagnose and fix it faster than you can say BPG!

Heat Pump Hot Water

Escape the cold water torture of a pesky heat pump – our plumbing pros have the remedy for any plumbing related issues regarding your Heat Pump hot water system. Don’t suffer from cold or unreliable showers any longer!

Hot Water Systems

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Hot Water Systems

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How we get hot water systems F.I.X.E.D

We’re well aware of the tales of plumbers leaving customers in the lurch, but we’re here to shatter that stereotype! When you choose us, rest assured there are no hidden fees, no sly add-ons – only transparent pricing and an unwavering full-disclosure approach. We’ll guide you on avoiding any costly surprises and provide a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each service recommendation. Our ultimate goal is to arm you with the knowledge of how your plumbing truly functions, so you can make well-informed choices every step of the way.

Unlike other plumbers who offer inaccurate prices over the phone or make your plumbing problem seem like their inconvenience, we take the time to uncover the real issue with a smile on our face! While hot water systems might seem straightforward, a maze of intricate challenges can lie beneath their surface. Our Home Efficiency Check will reveal the complete picture of work needed over the next five years, empowering you to proactively plan, protect your finances, and sidestep potential plumbing catastrophes.

Our team of skilled plumbers brings decades of hands-on expertise and an unwavering commitment to providing nothing less than a 5-star service. We back our work with a solid 10-year workmanship guarantee because we’re that bloody good! From the very first phone call, Natalie, our ever-smiling office manager, expertly manages all bookings and scheduling using world-class quoting, invoicing, and client reporting software. Plus, our user-friendly app lets you precisely track your plumber’s arrival time (just like an Uber!), so you’re not stuck waiting around for your tradie!

Our customer service isn’t just exceptional – it’s legendary! After engaging with BPG, nearly every one of our customers swears they’d never call another plumber again. Thanks to our Home Efficiency Report (assuming you took our advice and got one!), we’ll know your property like the back of our hand. This check lets us pick up potential problems and strategically plan maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run.

Unlike most plumbers, quick, ‘band-aid’ fixes are not our style. Our world-class team dive deep into understanding your property to deliver the smartest, long-lasting solutions. With a stellar track record of serving over 10,000 Brisbanites, we’ve earned a remarkable 4.9-star average rating on Google. In an industry notorious for its dodgy reputation, we proudly wear our badge of being the exception to the rule.

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Choosing the right hot water system for you depends on the size of your home, family and budget.
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