The High Cost of Low-Price Gas Work

Over the last 18 years in the business of gas fitting in Brisbane, we’ve always found shonky workmanship responsible for the major problems our customers have with their gas installations.

However in recent times the typical standard of workmanship has plummeted and this is a cause of major concern. It literally could be life or death.

Cheap gas installations are invariably poor ones and the perpetrators of sub standard work is tantamount to recklessness and a complete disregard for safety. Poor gas work is quite simply dangerous and not acceptable on any level.

Cowboy operators cut corners so they can be cheaper than their competition and win more jobs, they know that the customer has no idea what a compliant job looks like and therefore it is easy to take advantage by being cheaper than the professionals that take the appropriate steps to ensure that all jobs are carried out correctly.

Here is a list of the most common issues we come across on a daily basis…

  1. Gas stoves, cooktops, bbq’s and hot water systems not installed as per (a) the manufacturers specifications (b) the Gas Standards AS5601.
  2. Compulsory Safety Certificates and Plates are not being issued – shonky operators intentionally fly under the radar because issuing a Certificate (which is a legal requirement) means there would be a chance that the Gas Inspectorate attending the job site (which happens) to do an inspection and find non compliant work there > no certificate = almost zero chance of the gas inspector ever knowing the job took place let alone who performed the work.
  3. Reusing old pipes, fittings and hoses even when they are in extremely poor condition.
  4. Faulty connections at gas bottles and appliances.
  5. Gas leaks. Yes this actually happens all the time. Cowboy ‘gas fitters’ not even testing their work and leaving leaks behind them – this is hard to believe but not uncommon.

Ensuring that gas installations are performed safely and correctly takes expertise and time and there is no way to do it cheaply.

Even if a gas installer has the best of intentions by cutting corners to keep the cost down for the client it is never a good idea to do this.

Low priced operators offering cheap gas installations are inevitably dangerous and at some stage the customer will end up having issues which will require rectification work – this often shows up down the track when repairs are necessary but the appliance is found to have been incorrectly installed meaning no warranty form the manufacturer and – additional reinstallation costs.

Should there be a fire related to any part of a non compliant gas installation it is most likely that the insurance company would void any cover. It is just not worth the risk.

Do not take any chances when it comes to gas safety, house fires are a risk of gas leaks and can be avoided if things are done correctly in the first instance.

Our pricing is competitive but cannot be compared to companies (of whom there are many) that do not carry out jobs correctly.

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