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LP Gas  Bottle Supplier Audits

Many of you that have had LP Gas bottles in your home may be of the misconception that your gas delivery company are carrying out rigorous safety checks each and every time they deliver gas to your home. In an ideal world this would be true but the reality is that many of the supply companies have been guilty of overlooking some of the essential safety aspects of a gas bottle installation.

When the gas supplier arrives to refill or replace the gas bottles they are often in a hurry and get in and out as quickly as possible which sometimes means that they fail to pay attention to dangerous or non-compliant situations. It is because of this that the Gas Inspectorate has decided to pay particular attention to gas bottle supply companies and there is now a strong focus this year on ensuring that consumers are safe in regards to LP Gas Bottle installations.

Throughout 2023 many LP Gas suppliers and customers of these companies have been contacted by the Gas Inspectorate to arrange inspections and audits to ensure that installations are not only safe but also compliant with current regulations

It is our intention to inform and educate our customers about gas safety and help them avoid a situation where a Gas Inspector may arrive at your property and shut the gas off due to a non-compliant or hazardous situation.

The diagrams below will help you to understand some of the things that the inspectors will be paying attention to so please take a good look and be sure that you are not in any danger of being issued with a Gas Defect Notice for non-compliance. 

If you do not have a current Gas Safety Certificate then you should contact us to discuss if this is potentially problematic for you. Also, if your gas appliances have not been inspected by a licensed gas fitter in the past 12 months then it is strongly recommended that you do.

Any gas work carried out by someone not carrying a current Gas incense is deemed illegal and should you have a fire then your insurance company may well deem your policy void.

Feel free to call us and ask for information… it’s better to be safe than sorry!






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